• Easy To Grow

    Growing herbs has never been this easy! Just plant the seeds, mist regularly and watch your herbs grow.

  • Anywhere You Want

    Place the healthy kitchen herb trio anywhere in your home and make every room look more natural.

  • Ideal For Kitchen Use

    Basil, parsley or chives. You can now prepare your favorite recipe and choose from your home-grown kitchen herbs.

  • Great Aroma & Taste

    Enjoy the fresh smell and pure taste of these three kitchen herbs.

  • Natural Decoration

    Bringing nature into homes has been an ambition for centuries. This herb trio includes the natural decoration that you've been missing in your home..

  • Unique Gift Item

    This eye-catching product is a very popular gift for birthdays, anniversaries and many more occasions.

Herb Trio Grow Kit

The Healthy Kitchen Herb Trio is now available. Grow healthy herbs in your own kitchen and add Basil, Parsley or Chives to your dishes. Enjoy the aroma & taste of your home-grown herbs.